Legitscript is running amok to kill your valuable pharmacy domain, stop them now!

Legitscript is running amok to kill your valuable pharmacy domain, stop them now!

This domain offshoredomainexpert.com is now also leading to this site! To better describe what we are doing.

project-legitscript-logoThe domain world is getting smaller and smaller, as more and more registrars are giving in to threats received by big pharma sponsored legitscript.  Legitscript is a self proclaimed organization fully financed by novartis, pfizer, bayer, glaxo smith, etc.

The same rotten club as follows:

The following is a list of the four largest settlements reached with pharmaceutical companies from 1991 to 2012, rank ordered by the size of the total settlement. Legal claims against the pharmaceutical industry have varied widely over the past two decades, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud, off-label promotion, and inadequate manufacturing practices.

Company Settlement Violation(s) Year Product(s) Laws allegedly violated
(if applicable)
GlaxoSmithKline[131] $3 billion Off-label promotion/
failure to disclose safety data
2012 Avandia/Wellbutrin/Paxil False Claims Act/FDCA
Pfizer[132] $2.3 billion Off-label promotion/kickbacks 2009 Bextra/Geodon/
False Claims Act/FDCA
Abbott Laboratories[133] $1.5 billion Off-label promotion 2012 Depakote False Claims Act/FDCA
Eli Lilly[134] $1.4 billion Off-label promotion 2009 Zyprexa False Claims Act/FDCA

and supported by these scumbags at http://wwww.cscglobal.com

We can save your domain, even provide legal advise and support to get your domain back.  Don’t give in, or think you can’t win! We know you can!

We have secured special agreements with ICANN-registered registrars to accept online pharmacies, steroids and anabolic domains without pulling the plug.

Please contact us describing your circumstances and we will reply with solutions.

bitcoinanohostingAnd very important: It’s always the money trail which reveals who and where you are! Cut this line by paying us with crypto currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, etc. or good old cash in the mail!

What we don’t know, we can not reveal! Its’ that simple.

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