Hosting Offshore controversial content – no censorship, no policing

Online Gambling , online pharmacies and steroid dealers and taxfree financial offers all need Offshore Hosting

If you want to host a gambling affiliate website, or even run your own online sports-betting, poker, casino or lotto service, you’ll need an offshore web-host. Full-stop!

Why offshore hosting? Hosting your gambling-related website in a country other than the one you reside in (especially if you’re a USA resident) can provide a “buffer” and a degree of protection against legal action, since many countries frown upon online gambling.

Offshore is where your are not!

You can argue that running a gambling affiliate portal that only links to the actual gambling websites are not illegal, but your government may disagree. Remember what recently happened to many websites only linking to illegal downloads or bit-torrents? Yes, they got taken down.

So, why chance it! Host your gambling site in an offshore jurisdiction that is safe, and reduce the risk of your website and hard work being destroyed overnight.

Offshore hosting is not only safer, it’s also high-tech, fast and affordable.

Controversial content can be easily hosted with utmost privacy, even anonymity if the right payment option is used.

bitcoinanohostingAnd very important: It’s always the money trail which reveals who and where you are! Cut this line by paying us with crypto currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, etc. or good old cash in the mail!

What we don’t know, we can not reveal! Its’ that simple.

Some examples what ‘controversial’ means: If you want to sell cannabis/marijuana online you can do this totally legal from Holland, so hosting a website in Holland is the key to stay legal. Hong Kong, the world capital of fake Rolex watches doesn’t care, if you offer such items. And if you channel your anger against the US-government, you can do this safely with a censorship free blog hosted out of Malaysia. With our diversified server structure throughout the world you can easily do a perfect geo-abitrage. Very often, offshore is where you are not, and even so called over regulated countries like the US can be used for offshore hosting purposes.

Over the years it turns out that controversial content is something like this:

  • (violent and forceful) animal protection
  • parabola dish TV decoding helper sites
  • online gambling, casinos, betting and sports betting
  • online pharmacies, vitamin, steroid and anabolica dealers
  • HYIPS, Forex and other investment schemes
  • free state projects, government shaking blogs
  • alternative medicine sites, including cancer healing
  • Anabolika / steroids
  • highly political blogs (called ‘Volksverhetzung’ [“incitement of popular hatred”] in certain countries)
  • Chinese and Burmese dissidents
  • dark markets on the darknet like the shutdown silkroad

For the dark markets you need a special offshore hosting, better called .onion hosting, in a decentralized environment, where nobody, not even powerful government bodies or secret services can shut you down.

The following business activities have been successfully hosted by us in the past, types of businesses that are permitted and supported by us include, but are not limited to, those selling:

  • Credit counseling or credit repair services
  • Bankruptcy services
  • Collections services, Money orders, debit cards, or other stored value services or products
  • Counterfeit products
  • Foreign governments or their agents or agencies
  • Extended warranties
  • Psychic services
  • Gambling in any form
  • Sports bookmaking or predictions
  • Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes
  • Tobacco products and e-cigarettes
  • Weapons and munitions
  • Telemarketing services
  • Timeshares
  • Travel reservation services
  • Cruises or cruise vacations
  • Business or investment opportunities
  • Stand-alone extended warranties
  • Illegal drugs or substances designed to mimic them
  • On-line pharmacies or pharmacy referral services
  • Brokerage services, including for securities, shipping, businesses, or real property
  • Deceptive marketing or business practices
  • Get-Rich-Quick schemes
  • Escort services or prostitution
  • Any product or service that infringes upon the copyright, trademark, or trade secrets of any third party
  • Any product or service that is deceptive, predatory, or prohibited by law or regulation
  • Any service, any funding, or any other product or service related to an item on this list
  • Cable Box descramblers
  • Life-Time Memberships
  • Mailing Lists/Personal Info [think hacked information]
  • PayDay Loans
  • Debt consolidation
  • Dating services
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Fireworks Sales
  • Racist Materials
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Government Grants
  • Home-Based Charities


We do offer such darknet hosting via Tor/onion with all setups fully anonymised, if you chose to pay anonymously with bitcoin or good old cash.  Click the next line:

Find out all pertinent details at the one stop privacy and offshore knowledge centre.

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